About the Ceramicist

Tiffany is a first-class Sgraffitto artist, Sgraffito meaning to ‘scrape back’. She meticulously takes layers of colour slip back to it’s original organic clay base to reveal a perfect balance of positive and negative space. Positive being the stunning imagery created of birds, fish and flora and the negative being the stark cream shape in between. The whole combination  envelopes either a wall-hanging or vessel as if it had been wrapped purposely by it’s subjects.

These works are sought after and can take many months to create as Tiffany creates the bases from clay, applies the colour slip, then the Sgraffito technique and only then fires them in a kiln. Understandably, she painstakenly ensures the consistency of the clay to avoid any potential disasters further down the line.  Her attention to detail encourages the viewer to touch the raised areas and one could be forgiven for feeling that the birds or butterflies might take flight from even the lightest of touches.