About the Artist

Sue has an enviable ability to incorporate a broad colour palette to achieve her energetic abstract paintings. Clever layering creates a sense of depth, perspective and proportion. The effect of light bouncing around the canvas makes for playful interest and gives a sense of warmth to the viewer.

'Plein Air' painting forces the artist to work quickly as light affects colour across the landscape. The result is swift swathes of brush strokes applied with brush or palette knife. Pioneered by John Constable in Britain c.1813, although from 1860 it became integral to impressionism when oil paints became available in tubes rather than having to mix pigments making the process much faster-paced.

Using a mixture of canvas, board, paper, acrylic or oil paints the viewer is treated to a joyful dance of brushstrokes. If Sue's paintings were to be compared to a Ballet position they could be described as Jeté entrelacé, meaning 'Interlaced throw' whereby the dancer throws one leg in the air, jumps and brings the other leg up  to meet the first leg, while switching their body position half way  around, then landing in an arabesque...beautiful!