About the Ceramicist

Steve has a definite asian influence to his work with carefully chosen colour palettes for his varying style of ceramic vessels, ranging from delicate Saki cups to tactile stoneware bowls. His "Murmuration" and "Coastal" collections are inspired from visits to a number of coastal locations around the UK. Slipcast and hand-thrown pieces enhance his ability to adapt to different processes and techniques creating a fabulous collection of unique and individual originals.

In his own words: "During the past 10 years I have refined my throwing technique keeping  the vessels simple, focusing on shape, relief and simple glaze  combinations. I want there to be confusion between the cast shadow and  base of the larger vessels to give a lightness and an impression of  floating."

We know that Steve's work is going to very popular at Athay Gallery, and very much look forward to enthusing and engaging with visitors about his work.