About the artist

Rebecca has an enviable ability to adapt her style, making her work sort after for her skill, technique and versatility. The energy within her paintings and brushwork through her colour choices give her artwork a modern edge with a traditional feel to it's subject matter. 

Her graphic design background has given Rebecca many skills, in particular with balancing her compositions, using text and other imagery to enhance her paintings. She works mainly in oils with sweeping brushmarks.  Also creating prints using a multitude of methods to produce dynamic landscapes and street scenes, she captures the essence of her subject matter by offsetting shapes and overlapping colour blocks to create visually arresting imagery.

As with many artists, she gathers her inspiration from everyday objects and surroundings. Drawing her ideas from many different resources and then culminating them into individual artworks. Truly an artist to watch! We think Rebecca's artwork will prove popular amongst our diverse range of visitors to Athay Gallery as her work speaks to many viewers.