About the Artist

Podi is an established artist on the Royal Manor and Isle of Portland.  Her painting career has has taken her world-wide and she often returns to Greece to share her passion of art with people through workshops and courses. Light & shadow and colour are fundamental to her design disciplines, often she will paint simplistic scenes of garden walls with shadows from trees and shrubs dancing across brilliant white backgrounds leaving the viewer with a calming sense of peace. Also known for her landscape artwork, she captures the essence of the subject matter perfectly and with such extraordinary detail.

The name "Podi" (which is of Greek  origin) was given to her by fellow artists when at college and she  adopted it as her signature in the late 70's.  Early in her career as a  painter she was known as Pauline "Podi" Clack but later changed to Podi Lawrence. Her paintings and drawings are signed 'Podi'.

This is an artist who is very capable of transitioning through different subject matter and composition effortlessly, a true sign of an artist with a wealth of experience.