About the artist...

Olivia throws everything into her paintings...colour, detail, enthusiasm and by no less means, also time. Her vibrant depictions of local mainly coastal scenes are a true interpretation of her attention to detail adding in little querky elements for the viewer to discover! She studied Fine Art at Bristol and progressed her artwork from abstract to her more current lively depictions of coastal life. 

You can't help but be mesmerized by her paintings as they encapsulate not only a nostalgic sense of a bygone way of life, but also they capture a snapshot in time reminding us how important it is to preserve our coastal heritage. 

Olivia is involved in a number of exhibitions and Open Studios-style events across Dorset, and has sold many paintings to an adoring audience. Athay Gallery are very excited about representing Olivia and not only can you own her originals, she also provides prints and cards too!