About the Artist

Michael Hemming is a popular and established artist in the Dorset area. He has a unique style that excites the senses with bold, brash swathes of colour both in vibrancy and brushwork. He captures the subtlety and dynamic movement that can be found in nature itself. A self-perpetuating evolution of colour, composition and dynamism.

Michael uses a variety of mediums to purpose his artworks including but not limited to: charcoal, Indian ink, pastel, watercolour, acrylic paint & acrylic ink, however oil paint is the main focus in his work.

Working surrounded by nature, both in the countryside and coastal areas, he truly captures the essence of all nature has to offer and more. You can't help but feel that Mother Nature herself is standing at his shoulders whispering encouraging words everytime his brushes strike the canvas.

Michael's work is already proving popular with Visitors to Athay Gallery!