About the Artist

John is a contemporary fine art photographer. His concept for 'ARTOGRAPHY' formulated when he explored images of old scrap cars and ripped posters with his trusty Pentax K1000 camera. However, it wasn't until he wandered into a local boatyard that the idea really came to life...

Integrating art with photography, John's dynamic compositions create stunning abstract seascapes and landscapes - images within images. Utilising the inherent rich textures, weathered surfaces and tactile nature of his subject vessels, John transforms the ordinary into works of art that are visually stunning, abundant with ambiguity and individually unique. Capturing the individual areas on a boats hull when it is being prepared for anti-fouling allows him to create unique abstract imagery.

Somehow it seems only natural that vessels, which had previously sailed on the sea, provide stunning images that encapsulate the beauty, energy, and intensity of the ocean itself.