About the Sculptor

It is evident from Jane's sculptures that she loves wildlife and the environment that we live in. The earth is a precious planet and what better way to immortalize and capture the behaviours and characters of these incredible animals that equally have the right to walk and live on this earth in peace and in balance with it's surroundings.

You can almost hear the sculptures breathing! Their interpretive life-like qualities leave you willing each animal to complete it's story. Whether it be the Hare running from it's predator, or the Harris Hawk looking as if it is about to take flight. The viewer will find themselves believing the sculpture is about to move in some characteristic way.

Jane utilizes the mediums of wax and clay to create her artworks ready for moulding and casting in either Bronze or Bronze Resin. Bronze resin is a mixture of Epoxy resin and Bronze powder giving the sculpture a bronze-look finish but with a much lighter weight. The sculptures are produced in miniature, life-size and oversized to suit home interiors and gardens.