"What a really lovely evening. Generous and welcoming atmosphere. As a fairly new arrival to Portland, it was great to see such vision. I really believe this little island will become a part of Dorset that will cease to be overlooked. A great introduction to your gallery." Janette :)

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Keith 'Kitt' Athay

Kitt has been a contemporary collage seascape and abstract artist for over 20 years. He studied at Bath College and University of South Wales. His work has been exhibited both in the UK and overseas, in particular: London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore and The Hamptons.

His love of the sea has drawn him to the Isle of Portland and is now a welcome resident artist.

He attaches collage materials such as sheet music, vintage maps, botanical diagrams and newspaper cuttings to large canvases and uses these as a background to his paintings. The viewer initially sees a coastal scene, often West Country fishing ports, and then on closer inspection finds a whole world of text and illustration lying beneath the paint layers.

Featured Artists

Lyn Kirkland


Lyn Kirkland is unique in her layering of encaustic wax, mixed media and pigment creating an authentic and tactile artwork. This style of art medium gives warmth and depth whilst capturing Portland's natural essence of it's wild yet beautiful and diverse landscape.

Brian Freelander

Brian Freelander - Tower Bridge, London

Brian has fused graphics, illustration, architectural drawing and painting into imaginative showpieces. Detail, colour and perspective are united and transformed yet still retain movement and energy. 

Steve Neville

Steve Neville - Ceramicist with an Asian-inspired style

Steve Neville creates Asian-inspired ceramic pieces using a variety of techniques and firing processes to produce these unique and original vessels. Working with a limited colour palette, he brings out the raw qualities of the mediums he works with. Great as gifts for family and friends but even better to keep for yourself!

Debra Sweeney

Debra Sweeney - Landscape and Figurative artist

Debra has created an enviable unique style of her own using very simplistic marks, collage and a limited colour palette. Combined graphic and organic energy invites us into her paintings with sweeping lines giving a contemporary conclusion. Working in large format, her work makes a real statement to the viewer.

Holly Yates

Holly Yates - Textiles, Portland in Dorset

Holly has a unique affinity with textiles and this clearly shows in her work. She is able to cleverly inter-twine thread and fabrics by manipulating them to achieve incredible results. Using an inspired colour palette from the environment around her, she gathers inspiration from the many facets of Portland island in Dorset.

Stephen Yates

Stephen Yates - Ceramicist and painter, Portland in Dorset

Stephen has the incredible ability to adapt to most art mediums. Known for his ceramics and paintings, he has accomplished variable styles that encapsulate different processes, materials and techniques with utmost finery and finish. Stephen is an established artist on Portland in Dorset, and also passes on his creative knowledge to enthusiastic audiences!

John Davey

John Davey - Sailing Yacht Portland Stone sculptures

John creates his work with the simplicity of shape and form in mind naturally occurring in nature. Resulting with each dynamic piece being individual from each other. Made from world-famous Portland Stone, these pieces absorb the energy from the artist with which they are carved.

Harriet Lawrence

Harriet Lawrence - Sail Boats

Harriet has the extraordinary ability to capture the essence of her surroundings through her swathes of vibrant colour and layering of acrylic paint. When viewing her paintings you find yourself suspended in time, mesmerized by the delicate detail and infusion of colour tones.

Angela de Groot

Angela de Groot - "Take me to the Ocean"

Angela is an Artist and Photographer who has the unique ability to create imagery that draws the viewer into her photographs and take them on a journey.

'Finalist' in the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2017. The luminosity and depth to her imagery really gives you a sense of atmosphere - you almost feel as if you are at the location.

Claire Mort

Claire Mort - Textiles and Needlework

Claire's needlework is fun, technically-skilled and colourful. Pop art with a twist! Her playful use of imagery and thought-provoking verses have been admired in the gallery for there confident bold statements delivering a clear message.

She was a finalist in a recent 'National Needlework Awards' and was also asked to be a columnist in 'Be Creative with Workbox' magazine. You can find more information about Claire on her artists profile.

Jason Hartley

Jason Hartley - Querky furniture-maker

Jason has been designing querky yet functional furniture for some time. His love of carpentry, colour, design and fusing natural and man-made materials means his pieces are literally 'works-of-art'. These four artworks were created along with Kitt Athay and are signed by both artists!

Mandy Robertson

Mandy Robertson - Abstract Painter

Mandy has been creating her sensational abstract paintings over a number of years. Her work has been sold both in the UK and Italy. She has a distinctive style, enveloping an ethereal quality to her artwork. Spiritually and environmentally led by her creativity she creates swathes of colour wash embracing bold brushstroke application to her chosen bases of canvas or board.

The Athay Collection

Kim Pragnell

Kim Pragnell Oil paintings

Kim paints powerful and evocative seascapes capturing the mood of squally seas. His ability to focus the viewer intently through his brushstrokes and limited colour palette is testament to his experience and observations of the power and force of the sea.

Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw - Bronze and Bronze resin sculpture of lurcher dogs "Dominance"

Jane embodies the characteristic personality and behaviour of each animal in her bronze and bronze resin creations. The viewer is presented with every impression of the artists indentation in the clay or wax medium which is then transferred to the bronze cast upon finish. Beauty from nature into bronze.

Sue Fawthrop


Sue is primarily a 'Plein Air' artist and enjoys encompassing the experience of the outdoors which is reflected within her paintings. A richness of colour and expert brush stroke releases an energy within each piece transforming a visual experience into an artwork to enjoy forever. 

Carol Cruickshank

Carol Cruickshank - "The Other Side of the Harbour", applique SOLD

Carol has combined a love of fabric, sewing and art and expertly creates stunning applique artworks. Depicting well-known areas around Portland and Weymouth, she cleverly utilizes patterns to provide the viewer with an array of textures through her hand-sewn pieces.

Spencer Whyte


Spencer has honed his skills to create these beautiful and functional tables.  Made from Travertine, Resin, Chrome or brushed steel they encompass the contours of sites around England and International areas too. Commissions are welcomed and encouraged.

Who, What, Where, Why?

Athay Gallery


Athay Gallery has been established in order to promote, enhance and celebrate the wonderful and abundant creative talent on Portland, in Dorset and in the UK

Dean & Reddyhoff Portland Marina

Dean & Reddyhoff, Portland Marina - UK Marina of the Year 2018

Dean & Reddyhoff welcomes Athay Gallery to it's shores! "We are excited that Athay Gallery have chosen Portland Marina as it's home."

Portland Gig Rowing Club

Portland Gig Rowing Club - Portland Marina, Dorset

Only the best Gig Rowing Club in Dorset! Situated at Portland Marina opposite Athay Gallery. See you on the water...

Portland Visitor Must-Do's

Chesil Beach, Portland in Dorset

Aside from visiting the Athay Studio and Gallery...anyone visiting Portland should not miss out on the diverse visitor attractions. Portland Castle, Chesil Beach, The Cove Inn, Quiddles to name a few...

Claude and Roo's Adventures on Portland

Claude is Kitt's faithful Whippet-cross. He's been having lots of adventures on Portland in Dorset.

Claude...was Kitt's faithful friend and the Athay Gallery mascot until he passed away last December. In March a young fellow named Roo came to join us at the Gallery. Roo now continues Claude's adventures with youthful enthusiasm!

The Mess Deck Cafe


Situated on the ground floor underneath Athay Gallery, this querky homely cafe offers a range of delicious food and drinks. With indoor and outdoor seating you'd be hard-pushed not to indulge in both the views over the marina and their delicious cakes!

An Artist's Impression...

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