About the Artist

Harriet's paintings are an enthusiastic relationship with colour and her surroundings. The application of acrylic paint in bold swathes really encompasses the energy and movement of ever-changing landscapes and views. Her paintings often have a citrus 'zing'. We are often asked in the gallery if her paintings are back-lit!

Every artwork is individual giving constant pleasure to the viewer due to it's freshness, vibrancy and compositions.

Harriet has recently won an award for her paintings and we think she's a real winner here too at Athay Gallery. As with all the artists in our collection we think Harriet's work will be a popular choice with art enthusiasts and collectors.

'Just About Dorset' Editorial

Just About Dorset magazine - Harriet Lawrence (artist)

Read all about the lovely Harriet Lawrence in the 'Just About Dorset' magazine.  A free magazine with great content for locals and visitors to the Dorset area.


"Atmospheric, mysterious and hypnotic"

Just About Dorset magazine - Harriet Lawrence (artist)

"I like to leave enough light in paintings rather than fill it with detail"

Just About Dorset magazine - Harriet Lawrence (artist)

"I've lived next to the sea most of my life and think I always will"