About the Artist

Claire's work is 'on point' with her vibrant colours, nifty-stitches and bold statements. Her pop-art influences attract attention with her clever use of needlework and attention to detail to vocalize important issues through a creative medium. Through Claire's artwork exudes her personality - bright and bubbly! Her work also has a playful quality appealing to a range of creative audiences. Expertly mounted and framed in a diamond format, they really do make a statement.

FEMINISM - the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of equality of the sexes. Even the male gender can be feminists...if you believe in equality for all!

Claire is both a member of SEW, (Society For Embroidered Work) and the Embroiderers Guild who help to promote and support artists that have an element of stitching in their artwork - hand or machine and traditional or contemporary forms of embroidery. 

Awards Nomination & Articles

Read all about Claire's work in 'Be Creative with Workbox' magazine. 

Claire Mort 'Be Creative with Workbox' Magazine 2019 (pdf)